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    Anyone have a goat loose one udder? I thought I would put this out here in case someone else ends up with a gnarley case of black mastitus.
    Uno was headed to a mulch pile when I got her. One udder was hard and cold. It felt like a leather shoe that had been left out in the rain. She is a young girl with no history. A dairy discard. She had an adopted kid she had nursing the live udder.
    I started her on antibiotics while waiting for the udder to detach.
    I have 3 nurses in the family, and everyone thought this condition was not survivable.
    Everyday it got worse looking. Then one day the dead skin started separating from the under belly. A week later, the udder was attached in the middle, but was open all around the organ.
    At 21 days of antibiotics, I decided to see if she could stay perky with just good nutrition and wound care.
    My family nurses still thought she would not survive. Though on probiotics, I worried about the damage of prolonged medication.
    Her adopted baby kept her motivated and the healthy udder from suffering the same fate.
    At 45 days, the udder fell off completely. Even dried up it is about the size of my hand.
    There was also a gaping hole about the size of my hand.
    Daily I would wash her and spray her with different things. Keeping the dirt bees and flies away has been a challenge.
    She has grown skin over all but about a quarter size spot. Her baby grew up healthy. She has joined the rest of the family. And even the milking line.
    In 78 days she went from a throw away to a productive milker.
    I was afraid to jinx myself and tell you about this earlier.
    Soooo, the moral of the story is, "Read everything on TGS, because when you put it all together, good things can happen." Thank you TGS.

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    Oh this makes me happy! Good for you! I can't even imagine how much time and energy you put into this goat. I lost a goat to mastitis this year. I was out there for 3 days trying to milk her and get her over it but she didn't make it and that was just run of the mill normal mastitis! You did great!
    I hear ya on not jinxing it, I have a kid on the end that I have been having issues with for a few months and I'm not saying nothing till she's 100% lol
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  3. Just love happy endings ! :D Good for you
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    So happy things turned out OK. Good work. :)
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    Mar 23, 2017
    Awww, so happy she survived! You have done a great job with her!
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    Excellent work!
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