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Update on Necropsy

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Some of you probably remember my post 'What to ask for when you have an autopsy done on a goat'. Well, I FINALLY have the results of the microscopic testing back! It seems like it took FOREVER! I promised an update so here it is. The long and short of it is, we still don't know what caused the buck to die... They found 'a mild form of acute pneumonia and a few minor heart lesions. But they said that neither were severe enough to kill him. It is kind of strange that he had pneumonia as you really couldn't see any signs of it from the out side! They also found some cocci, which they said was strange to find in a buck his age (he was 1 1/2 years old). We are thinking it may have been just the combination of it all. Seems strange, but I guess that could do it. ??
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Have you checked out trob1's thread on pasterella pneumonia?

here it is:
Thanks Stacey. I had not seen that thread - great info! The microscopic testing did test for pasteurella.
Here what is said about the respiratory testing: "Respiratory panel includes culture for Histophilus somni, Pasteurella, Manheimia, A.pyogenes, Salmonella, Mycoplasma, and other aerobic organisms. RESP CULT RSLT: No Salmonella. Moderate mixed enteric-type flora isolated."
Does that mean it could be Pasteurella? I don't know. They said 'The cause of the pneumonia is unknown but is relatively mild and probably of minimal clinical significance."
The reason it took so long to get the results back was the mycoplasma culture. It takes up to 3 weeks for that. They were unable to grow anything for that. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean that he was negative, it simply means that they couldn't find any. That's the way it goes with tests I guess. Only a positive really means anything. Negative can be false.
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if you are worried about pasteurella pneumonia possibly being the issue I would just get a nasal swab tested on a couple of your goats.
Eliya it does sound to me that he may have had Pasturella and when they have a cronic case of it they usually find some heart damage and cocci as the goats system is weak from the pasturella. Most cases of Pasturella the first symptom is a dead goat. Usually there are no outward obvious symptoms. I got lucky and mine acted strange at feeding time (the 3 that were sick went up to the feed bowl, looked around a bit them backed away and stood to themselves) and if I hadnt taken their temps and acted quickly they would have been dead by morning and I would have been crying "why there were no symptoms".

Now take a step back and think about your herd for a minute. Do you have frequent runny noses that flair for a couple days then go away for a couple only to flair back up. Usually they are clear to cloudy in nature. Do you have some coughing from time to time not related to dusty hay. Look on the link stacey posted and read up on how I am handling this in my herd and feel free to ask me questions.
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The symptoms do sound similar. I will have to think about it. I don't remember him having a runny nose or any respiratory type issues at all, but of course I could have missed it. Wouldn't the Pasteurella have shown up in the testing though?

I just need to get a nasal swab on some of the others right? Is this like so many of the other health issues - if one has it they all have it? He only lived with one or two of the other bucks. Would my does that were never with him get it? I will have to research this a bit and talk to my vet to see if she can get me the swab to do.
I think talking to your vet is the first thing to do. Ask the vet what it means by acute pneumonia. When I look it up on the internet Pasturella is what comes up in almost every search result. The thing about Pasturella alot of time it isn't what really kills the goat but it brings down their immune system so that a number of things can kill them if the Pasturella doesnt.
That makes sense. I will certainly be talking to my vet. She doesn't seem to know too much about the goats, but she should at least be able to get me started in looking into this.
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