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UPDATE Solution Found - Muddy ground pumpkins are now clean pumpkin-kabobs.

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I posted about a week ago saying that I needed a solution to keep pumpkins from getting muddy. My goats won't eat muddy pumpkins so we were having a TON go to waste. We ended up having to chop them by hand in order to reduce waste and it was a tedious chore and we have over 100 pumpkins. Nobody here had any solutions to this problem. People were either letting the pumpkins rot where they fell or they were doing what I was doing and chopping them up.

My solution: Driving fenceposts into the ground and making a giant pumpkin shish-kabob. Each stack holds about 1 wheelbarrow full of pumpkins.
We put the thickest skinned pumpkins on the bottom of the stack to support the sweeter pumpkins up top.
Once stacked we bonked one side with a hammer to give the goats something to get their teeth into.

The "proof of concept" stack of 4 pumpkins was eaten up in about a day with very little waste on the ground. We'll see how long this big bunch lasts. Even if they do start rotting at least the'll all be in one place and easy to shovel back into the wheelbarrow and take up to the muck pile.

Plant Leaf Botany Tree Calabaza

Here's my original post.

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Nice! I'll definitely keep this in mind for giving pumpkins. I'm planning on growing a bunch of them next year
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Oh my goodness, what a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing! 😀
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Great idea! Glad you found something that works for you.
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Thanks for shareing! Awesome idea!
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Good idea. ;)
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