Update: Unregistered herd for sale - 2 does, NJ

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    Oct 4, 2007
    Destiny 6 years - 100.00 Extremely sweet and very human friendly. Can be bred for a couple more years or just be a wonderful pet. (I use to own her, I miss her still!!!)
    [attachment=2:n0smrudw]Destiny and Cricket.jpg[/attachment:n0smrudw]
    Misty 7 years - 75.00 Very loving doe - I use to own her too. She is older and might be pregnant as she was exposed to a buck.
    [attachment=0:n0smrudw]Misty 032.jpg[/attachment:n0smrudw]
    Mika (young, age unknown - HORNED) - 125.00 She is fairly friendly - possibly pregnant and due in a couple weeks - SOLD
    [attachment=3:n0smrudw]Mika side view.jpg[/attachment:n0smrudw]
    Buttons 1 year (available after weaning kids or with kids [she is due any day], HORNED) - 125.00 Doesn't used her horns - SOLD
    [attachment=1:n0smrudw]buttons side view.jpg[/attachment:n0smrudw]

    Destiny and Misty together - $150.00

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