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Breed, bloodlines and diet are the 3 mains. Things like milking more often can help, but those 3 things are the key.

Dairy breed (Alpine, Lamancha, Saanen average the most production)
Top 10 milk bloodlines with 3500+ lbs (or better) of milk over a 305 day lactation.
Diat should be high in protein. The best being dairy quality (20-24% protein) alfalfa.

If your animal doesnt have any of these then the chance of having a long term heavy production animal are slim.

A good sized flake of alfalfa a day is all that is required along with what ever grain you choice to give while milking. Pellets are max 16% protein, and thats not enough. Grains are not much (18% protein) any better and shouldnt be relied upon as a mainstay in a dairy goats diet. The grain just keeps them distracted while you milk and or can be used to add things like herbal wormers or other powered supplements (not loose mineral mixes, those are just given free choice).
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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