URGENT is this baby getting sick?

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    Mar 29, 2011
    Hi guys,

    I THINK I am over reacting but ..........

    FYI, they were both checked for cocci and a worm load. Very light worm load on Hoover, vet siad not enough to worm for this young. Cocci was fine also. Both given a thumbs up by the vet last week.

    Hoover (nubian male) is almost 3 weeks. Been eating great. We have been easing up the milk, will do good for a day and add another ounce. Got up to 9 ounces today, with no problems.

    He ate the 2 pm feeding and did well. He is still running, not acting bad per say, just a little "off". Honestly, he is being quieter (still chatty though) and less mischevious, so I watched him pretty close this afternoon.

    The other goat, spider, ate at the same time he did. Spider is thinning down looking like its closer to feeding time, as normal. Hoover's belly is still round, but not big round and JUST on the left side. If I pat Spiders belly I get the thud sound like I am hitting something solid. If I pat Hoovers belly, the right side sounds like I am hitting something solid, but on the left it does sound gassy when I pat it.

    If I hold Hoover up to my ear, I can hear gastric noises.

    Spider pooped pretty little goat poops, but Hoover's is formed but wetter looking than it has been and it was not very much.

    So should I

    a. give pepto
    b give baking soda
    c take a deep breath and chill out
    d all of the above?

    And the 8 pm feeding? Hold it regardless or just if his belly is still gassy? give it to him if his belly is normal? Replace it with pedialyte?
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    You could you try a little yogurt or some probiotics (like the probios gel).
    He might just have a bit of a belly ache. I'd try the above as it can't hurt and wait it out....it's good to trust your gut! Keep watching him :thumb:

  3. redtailgal

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    Mar 29, 2011
    He is sick.

    He is scouring. Temp of 103 on the dot. Will not take his bottle of pedialyte and pepto, I covered the nipple in corn syrup, NOT interested. My other baby took his bottle great but this one didnt try to get to it like he normaly does.
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    If his belly still feels bloaty to you, give him a damp baking soda ball and rub his belly to help get rid of the gas, hold him upright on your lap and bounce him as you would a baby, it does help to get them to burp. Wait a half hour and dose him with 6cc of pepto, use a syringe to get it into him. If he does want a bottle, give him electrolytes and no milk to keep him hydrated. Keep an eye on his temp, if it continues to climb start him on Pen G...it's all I've ever used when an antibiotic was needed. I dose at 1cc per 20 lbs for 5 days.

    I would still be suspicious of cocci, there is a 3 week incubation period and he is at the age where ANY stress can cause a severe overload, in his case the upset tummy, see if you can have another fecal run to be sure.
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    Oct 4, 2007
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