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This year we will be administering the CDT to the herd for the first time rather than having the vet do it. It's way overdue, but I have a fear of anaphylaxis due to a personal history with it, and I've let that delay me from being self sufficient in this area. 馃槵

We are experienced giving injections subq and IM, so I'm not worried about that part, but I am scared of anaphylaxis because I can't get epi from our vet. However, we have adult epi pens and epi pen juniors on hand. Both of these are autoinjectors and according to other TGS posts they are dosed too high for a goat, but in a real emergency I figure I can express an epipen into a syringe and draw up the right amount. But can someone help me calculate the Nigerian dwarf epi dose conversion? This is the part I can't figure myself.

Goats are supposed to have 1cc/100lb IM. So my 70lb pregnant Nigies should have about 0.7cc.
Adult epipens contain 0.3mg.
Jr epipens contain 0.15 mg.

I also have liquid Benadryl that I can administer in a drench (or rectally, as someone once advised me...) Thanks for any advice, I wish we could still buy epi OTC. :/

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Epinephrine is 1 cc per 100#. IM You don't want to overdose this. Better to under dose and usually a smaller dose enough to help a goat through anaphylactic shock.
Dexamethasone can also help during a reaction.
Yes, Benadryl in large doses helps and easy to get a hold of.
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