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Being fairly new to goats, most of my posts on the forum so far have been full of questions and calls for help/advice, and I haven’t really had much help or advice to sort of offer back in return. But here is something that some of you may find useful.

A little while back my horse was diagnosed with laminitis. A vet came to my house, confirmed my suspicions, gave him an injection for the pain and swelling, and gave me some Bute and some instructions to limit his grass consumption during the day, and a $400 bill. Oof

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad I had a pro confirm my suspicions, so I felt more sure about what I was dealing with. And I’m not saying the price was unfair, either - I think it was a decent price. But it made a pretty good dent in our emergency fund. And on top of that the Bute I was given wasn’t enough for him. By the time we’d used it up he was still limping and clearly in pain. I really didn’t want to have to get a second farm call/evaluation, which I was told would include x-rays. I mean, if I had to I would, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to wait a couple more days and try something a little less drastic and costly first.

So I put some turmeric in his feed. I have a friend that fed it to her terminal dog for pain and inflammation and claimed she saw absolutely tremendous improvement in his well being and that it prolonged his life to far beyond the vet’s expectations, and some research told me that many people claimed they’d had good success using it on their horses. It apparently acts very similarly to Bute, and you don’t need a prescription.

So, I continued limiting his grazing during the day, which is apparently when grass has the highest sugar content, and I started mixing I’d guess maybe a tablespoon or two of turmeric into some Equine Senior once a day. I also added a little pinch of ground black pepper and a splash of olive oil, which are apparently borderline magical when it comes to helping turmeric do it’s thing.

And oh my goodness, this horse was improving very quickly. I had the neighbor ask me how I’d gotten him to walk again (it was so bad on some days he would just lay down for hours, and when he was up he mostly stood still with his front feet spread forward as far as possible). The farrier told me his joints felt better too, and he was more willing to hold his feet up higher for trimming.

So! If anyone has a horse with a laminitis flare up, if it doesn’t seem like an absolute call the vet right now emergency, you may want to consider keeping them off grass during the day and cutting grain, and feeling a bit of turmeric. I’m told some animals don’t tolerate it well and it will upset their stomachs, so obviously monitor them if you haven’t given it to them before. But most seem good with it, and my gosh it probably saved me like $600.
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