Valbazen and breeding

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    I know that you aren't supposed to use valbazen on a pregnant doe, but is there a wait period for letting it get out of their system before breeding? We have a nearly 2 year old doe that had liver fluke so we used valbazen even though we typically use herbal dewormers. She wasn't really bad off but wanted to take care of it before we put her in with the buck. She is in heat today but I don't know if I should wait til her next heat cycle? I did 10-10-10 with the dewormer and her last dose was yesterday?! Would it be safe to breed her or should I wait?
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    I don’t know, if anything it may be less likely to take, I’m sure somebody else here knows better.
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    I have heard that you shouldn’t use Valbazen at least 30 days before breeding. Someone reported multiple cases of ruptured diaphragms on their kids, and the only thing that changed from the year before was deworming the does with Valbazen before breeding.

    Unfortunately, I only have the word of several people that it’s happened to. Therefore, it isn’t a proven fact. I’d rather be safe than sorry, so I avoid it unless I’m deworming after they’ve kidded.
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    Definitely not the reply I was hoping for but very helpful! I think we'll be waiting. I don't want to risk it!
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    I would wait 10 days after giving it, that is withdrawal time. ;)