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    Nov 13, 2007
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    Are any of you vegetarians? I am, sort of. I eat eggs, most are from my own chickens but they are molting, so we have been buying them. :x I currently drink store milk. I wish my mom could buy more milk from this guy that has a few well cared for holstiens. I am starting to try our goat milk, it has been hard getting used to it though. I also eat other dairy products. Sucks that cheese has animal rennet in it. :x My parents are meataholics. My mom has to have meat at least once a day. I don't eat meat or poultry. But I do eat fish, I love the taste and I need protein. I wish I could stop though. I am a veg because of animals mostly. It is terrible that so many foods now days have meat in them. It has been hard for me to find food to eat. I love ramen noodles, but they have beef fat in them, I do eat those though. I have only been a veg since about April '07. I really recommend you go to It shows you where animal products REALLY comes from. Its a little graphic though. But veg or not, I think you all should check it out. I would like to tell you all the each vegetarian saves about 95 animals a year. I am not trying to say no one should eat meat. [thinking it, but not saying it, kidding]. The web site also has health benifit, pics, videos, recipes, and veg-friendly restruants. Check it out. Hope to hear from any veggie people out there!!!!!
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    Oct 15, 2007
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    I'm not a vegetarian, but I know that there is vegetable rennet available, so you could make cheese without using the animal rennet.

    While I choose not to live the vegetarian lifestyle I also don't mind if other people choose to not eat meat or use animal products. However, I do very strenuously object to the organizations that try to convert people to vegetarianism by making animal farmers out to be cruel, dirty, disgusting people. I live in farm country and can tell you from experience that the majority of farmers take very good care of the animals they raise for market because the better quality the animal is the more money they are going to make when it comes time to sell it.

    Don't make the decision to go vegetarian based on extreme propaganda. Make that personal decision based on what is healthiest for you.

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    Oct 4, 2007
    I am not a vegetarian either but I so love vegetables.