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Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by sweetgoats, Jan 31, 2009.

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    Oct 18, 2007
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    Well I went out today to let all the goats out and I though that Monica was a little "fat". As I watched her we noticed she was getting even bigger. OH Lord it is bloat. She was filling like a balloon as we watched her. It was horrible. I got the baking soda balls shoved them in her face and we walked her. Really she started to run from us to get away from the baking soda.
    Ok I called the friend that just lost Buck Wheat to see what the vet meant by the goat was toxic, and he went fast. Ok, I am not waiting I called the vet and loaded her up and headed to town. They were shocked how bloated she was and she was still walking.

    He took her temp. It was 100.1. A little low for me but ok he said her respiration was fine but her heart rate was really fast.

    Well he stuck a tube down her to get some stuff out of her to see if it was acidic. Nope it was not but he said it sigh be because of the baking soda.

    Well he mixed this stuff up and tubed her again and put this mix down her. In maybe three minutes she was almost totally back to her size. He also did a blood test on her and found out she was very low in calcium and Magnesium. so he gave her a shot of liquid CMPK.

    I have only had one other goat bloat on me and I saved him with no problem. OK we did have problems and it took him like three days for me to know he was out of the woods, but this was so fast if I would of tried to do it myself I would of lost her. So I went right over to the Vet supply store and bought all the stuff the vet used on her. He said they have had a HUGE amount of goats coming in with bloat.

    She was tucked into her stall with her babies and grass hay, and she was chewing her cud. Man was that a pretty sight. She was a little stand off is today but I really do not blame her at all. Poor baby. :pray: Thank you Lord.
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Lori..that was some very fast reaction time! Glad you were able to get her treated quickly. :hug:

  3. trob1

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Good job getting her help. Glad she is better, what do you think caused her to bloat?
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    Sep 18, 2008
    Wow. :thumbup: nice reflexes. Thank God nothing happened! :pray:
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    Oct 4, 2007
    oh Lori thats great news. Hopefully the vet can figure out what is causing all the bloat cases.
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    Oct 18, 2007
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    Wow you did do a good job by reacting fast! By chance you wanna tell us all the stuff he used and that you bought so that I can know about it. I have only had bloat a couple times, one was a buck got into the grain, second was rich alfalfa and third I lost the little guy to frothy bloat and we dont know why he bloated... The information would be great !!
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    Jan 31, 2009
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    After reading this post on bloating, I quickly did a search on the topic as I knew nothing of it. I found this interesting post by a vet This seems to be quite helpful information if you can't get to a vet real quick. Where I live, the nearest vet with caprine knowledge is 45 minutes away.

    I'm glad you were able to save yours.. losing any of our "babies" is so heartwrenching!
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    Jun 9, 2008
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    That was a good article - Thanks Crazygoatlady!
  9. Cinder

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    Mar 2, 2008
    Lori - I'm so glad you were there and have such an 'eagle eye' to have seen the problem unfolding. What vet did you use?
  10. sweetgoats

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    Oct 18, 2007
    Peyton CO.
    Thanks guys.
    I was going to list the stuff he used but I just plain forgot. When I get home I will get the list down for you all.

    I have never seen a goat bloat like that. I mean we sat and watched her blow up like a balloon. I have to say it scared the heck out of me. I went over the the house where they lost Buck Wheat and they said he did the same thing but it was in the middle of the night. By morning he could not walk at all.

    The vet said he has no idea what is causing this because non of us are feeding the same hay or anything. I just beg you all to keep a close eye on your goats, he said that he has heard of this problem all over the US.

    Cinder, I used Air Way in town.

    I tell you it is a beautiful sight to see your goat chewing their cud. :clap: :leap:
  11. goatkid

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    Jan 17, 2009
    I'm glad your vet could help your goat. If she's raising kids and is low in calcium, she needs more in her diet. Alfalfa hay is good for that. Of course, the change needs to be made gradually as you don't want to risk her bloating again. Alfalfa itself doesn't cause bloat. What causes it from alfalfa is when you feed it before the hay has had 30 days from being cut to cure. The nitrogen is too high when it's still real green. At this time of year it wouldn't be a problem. Also, her low temp was likely due to hypocalcemia (low calcium/magmesium). You should be giving your doe 30cc CMPK subQ twice daily for a few days.