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Discussion in 'The Chatter Box' started by goatshows, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. goatshows

    goatshows New Member

    Oct 5, 2007
    Today it was 90 degrees in MA. that is hot for July/August and it is only April.

    Is summer aleady here? Because if it is i think i missed something because one of my does is due in May and hasnt kidded :scratch:
    I think my mind was a little cooked today in this heat. :shades:
  2. AlaskaBoers

    AlaskaBoers New Member

    May 6, 2008
    Wasilla Alaska
    :ROFL: no may isnt here yet!

    90 is REALLY hot, i feel sorry for you guys baking in that weather

  3. toth boer goats

    toth boer goats Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California
    I know the feeling is our brain melt downs .....from over heating...LOL :ROFL: :hug:

    thank Katrina.... yep really does get miserable.....with the high in northern CA
  4. Epona142

    Epona142 The farm that Hope began

    May 25, 2008
    Madisonville, TX
    It's summer here! Blackberries are even growing! :clap:
  5. ProctorHillFarm

    ProctorHillFarm New Member

    I know- it was a roaster! The poor goaties were NOT ready for that.
    I was so tempted to break out the clippers but noticed this week temps are going down to 30s at night again :angry:
  6. liz

    liz Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2007
    Shelocta PA
    Beautiful here! Spent my day with my mom, had her out on the quad riding the back roads and finding/picking Morel mushrooms...and she got to spend time with bouncy kids!
  7. capriola-nd

    capriola-nd New Member

    Jul 6, 2008
    Northwest Oregon
    Whoa, that is HOT! It hasn't been nearly as hot here but very good weather. . .70's - last week we got 80. Felt so good, but then it gets cold again!!
  8. Thanatos

    Thanatos New Member

    Mar 16, 2009
    Lake Ariel, Pa
    Hmmm 90 you say? That sounds like a nice cool spring afternoon to me :) we hit like 95 last week. We should see our first 100+ day in a couple of weeks then its 105-113 for the rest of the summer. Cant wait to get to Pa.
  9. sweetgoats

    sweetgoats Moderator

    Oct 18, 2007
    Peyton CO.
    HUMMMMM. Well this is what I woke to this morning
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It is only about 6 inches, but last weekend we had almost 3 feet of snow. :stars: :snowbounce: I am so loving it because this is about all we have gotten in two years so it will really help the pastures and the cost of the hay.
  10. StaceyRosado

    StaceyRosado Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Oct 4, 2007
    happy for you glad we dont have that

    Well Jason be prepared for "cool" summers then. you will be in teh moutains which tend to be even cooler.
  11. Di

    Di Crazy Goat Lady

    Jan 29, 2008
    central PA
    Yep, it's hot here too, I have a pg doe, I apologized to her yesterday, I really didn't expect it to be this hot this early. But, we have a reprieve coming.

    Lori, Hubby was commenting on the snow you were getting, but I told him you needed it because of a drought. He said "let me guess, you have a friend on the goat spot". LOL
  12. Thanatos

    Thanatos New Member

    Mar 16, 2009
    Lake Ariel, Pa
    OOOOHHH cant wait for cool summer and I even WANT a cold winter. :greengrin: our coldest day this winter was 28-32 for like 15 min then right up into the 40s-50s
  13. sweetgoats

    sweetgoats Moderator

    Oct 18, 2007
    Peyton CO.

    Did you say NO, I have LOT of them :ROFL:
  14. RunAround

    RunAround New Member

    Feb 17, 2008
    Gosh.. my car says 95F!!!!

    I had to kinda "half clip" some of my girls and I've been hosing them down... which they don't like. But it makes them cooler.
  15. ProctorHillFarm

    ProctorHillFarm New Member

    yeah- my weatherbug says 93

    I cant wait to clip my goats- its so tempting- but right now they are broken thanks to one of my goats that kicked them right out of my hands :angry:
  16. toth boer goats

    toth boer goats Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California
    we have 54 degree's right now ....64 degree's.. is suppose to be our high for today..... a few days prior ...was like 95 degree's.... :scratch: don't trim your goaties to soon... :help: ....the weather is so screwy this year.......not good on the goats.....I am praying ..that no one gets sick.. from all the daffy changes...... :worried: :pray: