Oak apple challenger is looking for a herd. I just cant use him as i have many related. I feel he is being wasted sitting her staring at the does. His maternal brother managed to breed a handful of does this last winter as a weanling even with a buck apron on. (took awhile to figure out how he was crawling in, he was going thru the creek under the fence. )no scurs

blk and white. Coming two year old. Still immature but starting to fill out.
I own his dam and bought her bred to contender. She kidded twin bucklings.
Dam- Oak apple vivace la 89
ds- proctor hill to go daddy la 92
dd- SG old mountain farm fast tempo la 90
sire- Old mountain farm contender la 89
ss- old mountain farm grey cheek
sd- SG NC promised land nemesis
DNA on file
yearling photo