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Very Odd Baby

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I've mentioned before Poseidon, born with the bad legs. He had a bit of congestion in his lungs earlier this month which we got under control. He has bad legs but they are straightening out. Today I brought him in the house just to play with him since he's the sweetest of the kids, and I looked down and saw him pooping out a gooey, cloudy in some parts and clear in others, substance. What is this!! I'm panicking!
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His poop is not runny and pale green. Cocci? Worms? He's going to the vet Monday for his legs. Help please.
Does it smell? Its not watery?

I don't know what it could be, sorry. Maybe some kind of worm?
could you describe it more? sounds like he might have an infection like Jasper had.
Its watery.

He acts fine. He's up and eating. He was on antibiotic for a few days last week. He got one last shot 3 days ago.
Another baby has the runs so I'm going to give all the kids a shot of DiMethox.
what about ecoli? is this a symptom of that? I need to read my book again. Best to use something like scour halt.
White and light color poop is a sign of ecoli. Blood in poop is also a sign. Biosol can be used to treat. Shelly
I battled ecoli with a 6 day old doeling last year and I lost her...she was dehydrated and cold....tried to bring her temp up and rehydrate her and still lost her.
I just read somewhere that kids with runs before 3 weeks are likely eColi, and after 3 weeks then cocci. I have no idea or experience, but thought it was an interesting statement. Wonder how true. Good luck. Not sure about the shots you mentioned. Di-Methox is for cocci ya? and then you mentioned that you did antibiotics, should have treated e-coli? I may be totally lost. Can someone clarify the shots, what was given and what they are for.
Hang in there, it's so hard having sick babies. (Hug)
Yep, I would be treating for Ecoli.
runs before 3 weeks are likely eColi, and after 3 weeks then cocci.
My vet told me the same thing a few years ago when we had a set of twins that start passing blood with the light colored poop. I would treat for ecoli too. Shelly
Boisol? I have that. I'm going down now.
Now that I look at the symptoms of ecoli they don't match up. My babies aren't acting sick. If anything they seem more active than usual. Their poop isn't light, it's now just the color of regular poop. The mothers are on a feed that have medication against cocci in it. What in the world could it be? The babies just started eating solid food and I've recently noticed that they will eat all this junk they find on the ground, from things like feathers to old leaves. Could it just be these new food habits that are making them have the runs? Should I treat for ecoli just in case?
I would get a fecal done by the vet.

The cost of the fecal to me is worth it. You may spend all sort of money and time on "treatments" that don't work or are not necessary.

By getting one fecal done you can eliminate or determine what may or may not be going on with your kids.

Just my :2cents:
a kid that had a round of antibiotic, need probios, yogurt and fortefied b-complex .
what is the temperature from this kid?
All the scours have stopped! :cool:
thats great news!

Did you give them anything or did it stop on its own?
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