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Lyla is due on the 30th with triplets. She is kind of pale (her nose, famacha test, and mouth) and this morning only took a few bites. Our vet said not to worry if later in pregnancy she started only eating small amounts at a time because of her growing kids, but I'm of course worried about toxemia. She gets half a flake of alfalfa/grass mix hay morning and night. On nice days when there isn't snow she gets let out for a bout an hour to graze. She also gets about 1 1/2 or 2 cups of goat grain every night, and sometimes a handful or so throughout the day. She has access to water, minerals, and baking soda. She's been pretty itchy (they all have) and pretty calm. She doesn't lay down or anything, but loves to just stand there and be pet which is somewhat unusual. Her udder is getting really big. Today I am going to deworm her with herbal dewormer which is safe for pregnant and lactating animals. I am going to go check on her soon and offer her some more food later in the day.

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I would give her CMPK or something like that.
She needs calcium.

If she is pale, there is something to worry about, did you do a fecal for worms and cocci to see what is happening with her?
She can be treated now, if you know what to treat for.
Just be sure it is safe for pregnant goats. I would not wait. She sounds critical now.

If she is really wormy, herbals work way too slowly.

Also start red cell to rebuild her blood.

Get a temp on her.

Is she drinking?

Being itchy could be lice. Treat her.
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