Very swollen stomach area on newborn

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  1. We had a set of ND twins last night - the little girl was stuck - head and legs out and her whole stomach area was so swollen mom couldn't get her out. Lube and pull and we got her out okay but I have never seen such a swollen looking stomach area on a baby. Felt like a bowl of jello or that she had just consumed a bottle of milk (too much) I am wondering if something is very wrong internally - her whole middle body was swollen. She seems weak and I was concerned she wouldn't make the night but is still going. Is still fat looking - but not as bad as when she was born. Has anyone ever seen this - I have never experienced this before. The second kid was fine.
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    Check to see if she has an anus. Lots of times if they don't, they are bloated looking.

  3. She does - I checked her personal parts first. Unless something is wrong inside the area and not visable.
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    Have you seen her pee & Poop normally? Is she nursing with assistance?
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    Can you post some pics of her. From above while she is standing and from the side and rear.
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    If you haven't seen her poop, I would give an enema. Either way I would give CD anti-toxin.
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    sounds like water belly...

    per PIG Library..
    (congenital Atresa ani) which is complete or partial blockage of the anus, or in some cases an incomplete colon. These water bellies show up shortly after birth.
  8. She didn't make it. Cathy mentioned water belly - that is what it felt like. No she never passed an fecal matter -I think something was amiss in the colon. Also she was a little early -141 days but don't know if that had anything to do with it. She had a anus but maybe inside was all messed up.
    My little doe is having a hard time - want that little girl so bad. Breaks my heart to see her suffer from the loss. The little boy is strong -eating, pooping and peeing so he will do fine. Thanks for everyone's support. It is great to be able to communicate with people who all love goats.
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    Sorry for your loss. Sometimes things just go wrong!
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    So sorry you lost her.
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    So sorry for your loss :(
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    sorry for your loss - it doesn't sound like you could have done anything to make her better.
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    So sorry. Sometimes it's not meant to be.
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    I believe Cathy was correct. :hug: I'm very sorry.