Waiting on Allie..any time now.

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    Jan 20, 2010
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    Hey all..

    Just bought a pregnant doe. She's supposedly 5 months along, so she's due any minute. From what I've read she's showing some signs of being very close. I can't find her ligaments, but her udder is far from full...it's big, but not tight. She has some hoof problems (thread in Goat Frenzy), so that may be why she's lying around. She's got the far off look in her eye and she's licking my arm every time I feel her belly and she's been licking the air. She's also grinding her teeth a bit and chewing her cud and has very little appetite. She's also breathing fast and just seems uneasy in general. She's not getting up and down too much, but she's shifting around a lot. She also has a bit of white discharge. This will be my first kidding, so I may be way off. I just have a feeling. It be really cool if she has the baby tonight after midnight since tomorrow is my birthday! :) I'm getting stuff together to be ready..just hung a light in the stall. I don't work tonight or tomorrow so I'm all set to stay up all night with her!
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    Did she kid yet?