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I have a wether who has been having some slight lameness issues. I noticed a little while back that in the mornings when I would let him out he stood for a second and dangled his front right leg about an inch off of the ground. He would walk away and be slightly off, but after a few minutes he looked normal again. Today after one of his naps I noticed he looked stiff in both of his front legs. After being up for a little bit he seemed to work out of it. He has no noticeable heat or swelling, and isn’t reactive when I touch them. I did notice he was a little sticky about me picking up that right front when I was trimming his feet. He still plays with the others and acts normal otherwise.
He just turned 2 in July and hasn’t had any previous injuries...although a couple months he did go on a fence jumping rampage and hopped multiple 4’ fences. He has since stopped and I never saw him lame after jumping but I figured it may be worth noting. I’m just a little stumped about how it only seems to be when he wakes up. Any ideas as to what this could be? I do plan on having my vet look at him when she comes to look at a few of my other guys but that isn’t going to be for a couple weeks.
I do have a video on my other phone that I’m going to try and attach in a little while that shows him just getting up for the morning.
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