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Want to mow hay without gas or electricity?

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Use a scythe!

Yes, it is as easy as it looks! It really works, it's relatively efficient for small fields, and once you get into the rhythm, it's addicting - like crocheting or milking a goat. I absolutely love it. It's also good exercise, but not too strenuous. When used correctly, the scythe poses no danger to your feet - you can even mow barefoot! I do it in crocs. The only dangerous zone is the area directly in front of you and to your left.

Be sure to get an "Austrian" (European) scythe, NOT an American scythe. The American scythe can't get nearly as sharp and is therefore much harder to use. You can tell the Austrian scythe because it is curved in all 3 dimensions, as opposed to the American, which is only curved in one dimension. The Austrian scythe is light and incredibly tough, much tougher than it looks, though of course you have to be careful not to abuse it.

I bought my entire outfit (scythe blade already sharpened, custom snath, whetstone and holder, peening jig, and The Scythe Book) for $221.21 including shipping from Scythe Supply in Perry, Maine. I couldn't find anywhere else that sold the entire outfit for such a good price, or seemed to know as much as these people. They are knowledgeable and helpful, and my experience with them was very good. I highly, highly recommend Scythe Supply!

I've only been using a scythe a short time, but I'm hooked! :D
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I didn't realize there was such a difference. We have an American one and it's not easy. I know where Perry Maine is and maybe I should pay them a visit.
Wow, he makes it look so easy. Hubby uses a scythe to cut our alfalfa and clover. I'm not sure which type he uses. I'll have to show him this video. The guy makes it look soooo easy!
With the Austrian scythe, it really is that easy, even for me. :) Of course, in the video he is cutting tall, straight grass: the easiest thing to cut. If you're mowing tough weeds, or short leaning ones, it's a bit harder. The trick is to keep the blade REALLY keen and sharp, which means stopping every five minutes to hone it for 30 seconds or so with a small whetstone that you carry. Then you have to peen after every 12 hours or so of mowing. Just part of the rhythm. You can really tell the difference after sharpening. SO MUCH FUN!
Never tried an American scythe. :/
The real trick to using any type of scythe is keeping it sharp and maintaining a rhythm. I've heard the European style is much easier to use though we don't have one. Didn't realize they sell them so close to us!!

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