Want your own Website ? Or how about a website "face lift"

Discussion in 'Personal Creations' started by Julie, Feb 20, 2008.

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    I'm trying to earn some money so that I can purchase the goats I want/need to complete my herd. It's hard to purchase the goats ya want - when money is tight. So I figured I'd give THIS a shot ...

    I do (and have done many) web design for people. I can create a website using Tripod and also create custom logo/s, pictures, graphics, etc.

    So if you want your own website, or would like a "face lift" for your current one ... contact me

    My prices are cheap ! I charge $100 for a 5 page website - that includes pictures, text, graphics, everything you need for those 5 pages. The 5 pages can be anything (example - Home, Doe Page, Buck Page, Contact Us, For Sale) that you want on your site.

    For references > check out these websites that I created :

    those are just a few that I've done - I have done more than this but cannot list them ALL.

    The web host would be Tripod. There's no fee to run the site, unless you choose a package without advertisements, etc.

    My charge is for my web design and time put into the creation of the site