Wanted: goat equipment for a newbie

Discussion in 'Equipment For Sale' started by Dreamchaser, May 23, 2009.

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    Oct 29, 2008
    Camp Verde, AZ
    I need a thing to tattoo my goats, a disbudder, cream seperator (I know, a long shot), goat bells (I love the way they tinkle), buckles, clipper blades and accessories, hog panels (if by chance you are in my area), anything else to start me off.

    Here are the things I want to do with goats:
    Make butter and cheese, cart train wethers... later on possibly packing.

    Here is what I already have to give you an idea of what else I might need. I have: Butter churner, hoof clippers, large milk pail, cool little milking stool, bander (no bander rings), bottle nipple that fits a vinegar bottle.

    Thanks! *hugs to all*