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WANTED: purebred LaMancha buck semen

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I would like to buy the semen from purebred LaMancha. I only have one doe. I dont have the tank but my vet does have a tank. He said that I have to send the semen to my vet and my vet will do the AI.. I would like to see the pictures of the buck and see how much does it cost and stuff like that. Thank u so much.. (dont know if it is the right thread to put but u can move it if u want to thanks) Holly
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I know that HuricanePM probably has some good semen for sale, her website is Let me know if that link doesn't work and i'll redo it. I got my first LaMancha doe kid from her this year-so far the doe is looking pretty nice.
Thanks... But the link is not working. I tried it.. Thanks..
I don't know if we are allowed to post links in this forum, but is currently auctioning some from two different bucks. Or you can try or to see all different kinds of animals in several different price ranges. It IS very expensive to buy and very expensive to ship, with a low conception rate. Not trying to discourage you, but for only one doe, you might try to find live cover in your area, instead of paying for all that goes into AI. But good luck, whatever you decide :)
Can someone tell me how much does it cost for shipping and stuff please?? They wont tell me. I need to know so I can prepared or whatever.. I need to figure out.. Thanks...
How old is your doe? Is she a virgin? If she's a virgin I believe that success rates for AI is pretty low. I'd ask on one of the yahoo lists and see though.
The semen itself usually costs between $10-$25 a straw, usually sold in lots of 5. The shipping is usually the same for between 5-75 straws-depends on the vapor shipper, and shipping costs vary. Some charge as much as $100 for shipping. If you are really set on AI (which I really don't recommend for a single goat) try to find a breeder in your area that also wants to purchase semen, then you could split the shipping.
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