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I checked into it last year and got a lot of info from the local 4-H. They even take their pack goats to the fair and do a little educational talk about them. Very neat. I hand raised some goats and got small or x-small doggie back packs. The little kids didnt mind them on at all. I didnt put any weight in the little ones packs. I put big packs on some of the grown goats and some didnt mind..very willing. The adults willingly followed me but those babies were all over the place and wouldnt listen. They kept holding up the group everytime they found something interesting or felt the need to play. I tried connecting the goats and kids but it was chaos! It was fun though :) I realized some of my grown goats would happily do as I asked and carry a pack. Some wouldn't. And goat babies need to calm down a little to get training done but you could get them used to a pack easy. I still take one or two grown goats with me on walks and they seem to enjoy it. As far as breeds, certain breeds are better but I dont remember which ones off hand. I just tried it with the ones I had.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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