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    What a hectic month!!! Dad had his surgery, and we are having some issues with the hospital. :hair:
    Nellie is definitely preggers and is due late June, I will take pics tomorrow.....she looks like twins!!! :leap: She has this bloating issue..... any advise? I've kept it pretty toned down with hand-feeding extra soda and minerals... she feels it's more, you know, special when it comes from my hand.... :p
    If I would have known Robin (2 month old ND) would be such a pain in the neck, I would have dreaded the day of her birth!!! :slapfloor: She almost knocked me into the watering bucket today when she jumped on my back...... and her mom tried to follow her........
    None of my goats have sold yet and we are moving out around the 20th. :help: We do have a farm we are temperarily going to rent..... but my dad is not happy with hauling 3 goats to SD.......even if one of them is one he doesn't want to sell........ >Nellie, the Lamancha... he loves Lamanchas....< :wink:
    Anyway, pics coming tomorrow for sure, I did take some the other day but they didn't turn out at all, :(
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    May 6, 2008
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    woah you sound busy!