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"Wasn't Me, Honest!!"

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Here's Poli trying to look innocent. :) I bet she knocked it down just because she wasn't tall enough to jump on it!

Actually I think it was Cosmo who did it...


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But Ma, they didn't share so I found my own.
:laugh: Poor girl, she does have that, I didn't do it look. HaHa :)
Funny goat... . :) We had a ramp that they used to use, but they kept knocking that down. Soooo we screwed it in and they still broke it off! I gave up on the ramp... and then somebody knocked the whole thing down! Crazy goats...

Those things must be 8 years old, so it is about time we get some new ones!
Hee hee hee....who? Me? Sure is comfy though....
shes cute lol
HeHe. :)
She has the whole 'What? This? Oh, how did that happen... hm, guess we'll never know.....' look going on.
Haha, yea she does doesn't she... :D
LOL, so cute. :)
She is a really cute goat. :)
She's just holding it down for you until you can get there to fix it - yeah, that's the plan!
Ah, so that's it!! :D ^
HaHa :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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