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Which breeds have wattles?
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Dairy Breeds. At least this is what I read...
One of my angora does has them. I'm thinking of removing them before I have a shearing accident.
None of Nubian's have wattles, but a lot of the Kiko's do.
My lamancha have them..a friends Saanen..
My Saanan and a baby LaMancha has them :) I LOVE wattles :)
I have a few Saanens with them, most Toggs seem to have them, Alpines can have them, Oberhasli's, lots of LaMancha's have them (their seem to like to be up just under their ears almost making it look like they have a lump!)

I've seen a few Nubians with them, but they were Americans so most likely the wattles came through with the Swiss outcross. I've also seen them on Boer cross kids, but again most likely coming from the dairy side.
Here's a pic of my heinz 57 wether that has wattles. He is red headed like a Boer, has freckled ears like a Nubian, long hair on his hind legs and wattles. His wattles are super soft too and so fun to play with :)


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None of Nubian's have wattles, but a lot of the Kiko's do.
My PB Kiko doeling has wattles...
I love wattles! when I get a buck, I want one with wattles:)
Two of my four Nigerians have them--mother and daughter.
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