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We finally, through troubles and frustrations, managed to get there and get Hallie today.

I can't release a lot of details due to my discussion with the ASPCA but I can say that the workers there tried VERY HARD to make sure we didn't see any of the other animals.

However, it appears that a LOT of the goats, and possibly the pigs, are gone now. The pen was eaten to the ground, and while there was hay out, it looked very old and poor quality and looked like it's been sitting there a long while.

Hallie is not emaciated, but is underweight. She also has very long hooves and is very pale, no doubt carrying a huge parasite overload. I wanted to drop a fecal off, but the poor dear did NOT defecate once in the very long car ride.

Which I found odd, since mine feel the need to poo every five minutes.

Hallie was supposed to be "in milk" and was supposed to have kidded in December. This is certainly not true. She may have kidded in the past year, but NOT as early as last month. Impossible.

She's settled in now (my camera decided to die, go figure) with food and water and a comfy place. We will be starting a deworm regimen and getting a bolus into her, as well as a nice hoof trim.

She's safe now, and we'll see what the future brings both for her, and the breeder.
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