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We lost one goat and only have one

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Hi we are new here and have had our two pet goats almost a year a mother and daughter. We lost one today to bloat. We tried everything and so did our vet. Now we only have one 4 year old ND. I know she cannot be alone. And while we planned to rehome her my 5 year old cannot take the heart break of loosing her too. So going forward looking for a new friend. Do we look for a young doe for her adult or a weather. We are so sad from our loss and want what's best for her with either introducing a new friend or do we rehome her to someone who has a heard already. She was the boss of the two so I'm worried introducing a younger doe she will be mean to her. Help
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Oh im so sorry for your loss. Welcome to the forum.
I would get either a doe of the same size/age or close. If you are able to bring in 2, might go smoother for all. If you choose a wether..make sure the banding job went well...that he wasn't too young when wethered and that he has had a good UC prevention diet.
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So sorry for your loss. It is always so hard to lose a pet.
Sorry for your loss. It is better to get a goat the same size.
I’m so sorry you lost one. That’s so sad. I can’t really add to the advice already given, so I’ll just offer my condolences and a warm welcome to TGS.
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Welcome to TGS, I’m so very sorry for your loss! That’s heartbreaking. When you find a friend for your doe let them get to know each other through a fence for a few days before sticking them together if you can. It’ll help in keeping it peaceful. A wether will be more mellow and easier to introduce I think.
what state are you in? there might be a member of the forum who has a goat available to help in your search.
Good luck
I do agree with the others.

I am truly sorry for your loss. :(
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