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hey everyone!

i have two pygmy goats. one male & one female. the female was introduced recently because we definitely wanted the male to have someone to browse with.

the thing is, when it was just him, he would bleat normally, run around & be super playful. we introduced the female a few days ago & ever since, they have been been butting heads. it’s more him than her, he’ll butt heads or try to ram her when she gets too close sometimes. initially, she would fight back & she sometimes does, but she’s more prone to bleating and walking off.

ever since she’s came, his tail has been down. he’s not running as much (because everytime i come out with feed, he’d run to his spot). he’s still eating the same, walking around etc. his tail has been down the last 2/3 days & it goes up when he eats or sometimes when one of us come out.
i noticed this morning that his bleat sounded so weird, i actually didn’t think it was him. it sounded meek? if that makes sense.

i’m new to taking care of goats & was wondering if this was normal? if he’s just taken back by having another goat with him? she is quite literally bigger than her, but that doesn’t stop him from rammimg her.

thanks :)

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Start with taking his temperature. 101.5 to 103.5 is normal range. Check his famacha for color. You want a deep pink to red color. B complex and probiotics won't hurt to start him out until we know eats going on.
How old are they? Is the buck fixed? Is he overly aggressive toward the doe?
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