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Rough day for these girls! Its weaning time. Momma has pretty much weaned them already she doesn't let them nurse and they're already eating hay/grain they just haven't been away from momma.

Separated officially today and they'll be going to their new home in a couple weeks. I'm super happy they're all going together to a local friend but its always bittersweet when they leave. This trio has been claimed by my kids since day one and they have been playing with them and cuddling them since day one so they're SUPER tame which is always fun. Its going to be a hard time when they do leave!

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Awww so sweet! It's definitely hard to see them go. We are the same way. Last year was one of the hardest as I really adored those kids. Normally we keep 2-3 does back, but opted to sell everything, including our 2 year old very sweet and very nice buck.
I planned to keep my baby's baby as I adored her so much, but again, with new barn project we felt it was best to sell and get down to just the breeding does. I won't say I didn't shed tears when she left.
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