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Well, first off they are not boer/Nubian. they have way too short of ears. My guess is Boer/Nigerian dwarf. Not familiar with all the other dairy breeds, but I have seen Boer/Nigerian crosses and they look similar, they also stay smaller.

bottle babies get enough water from their bottles, they will drink water when they are weaned.
bottle babies are also way harder to get to eat grain, just keep providing a small amount sprinkled in a dish each day and refresh it every couple of days.
alfalfa hay is good for them, lots of protein if you can't get them on grain.
I would think keeping them on their last bottle until 16 to 17 weeks of age would be long enough. I would do two bottles until they are 14 weeks old and then go to one bottle a day the last couple of weeks. They look to be doing well. as they get more hungry from no bottles they will pick up on their interest in the grain. Well, they should.
I would not bother decreasing the amount in the bottle. 8 ounces is not a very big bottle, our kids are getting 16 to 20 ounce bottles. but they may be 40 or 50 lbs by that age. I would just stop giving them the one bottle in a couple weeks and then the other bottle a couple weeks after that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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