Weather care?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by Kass, Aug 1, 2020.

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    I would say wethers are a money pit unless they help you do something. If they help you sleep because your lonely buck now has a friend and is no longer screaming then they are worth it. If they help you pull things on a cart they are worth it. If they help teach little bottle babies how to be goats and browse or teach future show goats how to lead they are worth it. I would say they cost about the same, maybe even less than other goats (often takes less food for them to stay in condition) they just don’t produce offspring or milk that can be sold to get back some money.
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    I have had wethers and they have been pretty easy to take care of. Late Spring to early Fall they are on straight pasture. The rest of the time they will get hay daily. I also give grain once a week for sure with a natural dewormer on it. This has worked for 7 years. We just lost a goat this past weekend. Not sure if listeria or MW worms. We were treating it for MW based on the symptoms we could ascertain. It happen quickly. Overall the wethers have been great and have helped clean up the weeds in my pasture.
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    Sorry you lost your goat. If the illness happened quickly, it wasn't Meningeal Worm.
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