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    Nothing brings in interest to your herd or business like a well laid out and designed website!

    Most of my inquiries, sales, and waiting list requests come from people who have found my website, had a look, and liked what they saw.

    But designing a website that is pleasing to the consumer's point of view can be challenging sometimes. And time consuming as well!

    I have been designing, building, and maintaining websites for 14 years now. I work primarily in HTML because it is what I am familiar with. I took several courses pertaining to HTML and building to appeal to the consumer.

    Take into consideration the high prices of a so-called "professional" website designer as well. My prices are far lower, and I quite often barter as well.

    Websites can be built on a free hosting service, or you can provide hosting. Prices vary, based on the number of pages, the intricacy of the website, and the way it's put together.

    Some examples of my recent work.

    http://www.knsfarm.com/ - My Personal Website

    http://www.honeydoefarm.webs.com/ - Valued at $125 to set up

    http://www.spirithowlers.com/ - $200 set up, $50 a month high maintenance

    Why do all that work, when I can do it for you? :wink:

    Contact me any time - knsfarm @ windstream.net (no spaces)