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Weird Discharge From Prenant Doe

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I have a doe who's due in about a month. She's been having some brown discharge for the past day or so, and I'm getting really worried that she aborted/miscarried/has an infection. What do you guys think? The discharge looks like it has dirt in it which is possible, it has no smell that I noticed, and she still has her ligaments (I think.) I've attached a picture of her udder as well, mostly because you can see the discharge a little bit better (it's in the top left-hand corner.) Please tell me what you think. I'm so scared, I don't want to lose her or her kids...


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Well, it was the top left-hand corner initially. Now it's the top right hand.
If anyone has any clue what could be going on with her, please tell me. I'm so worried
It's hard to say from those photos but I would say that discharge definitely is "amber" colored which is completely normal. Does can vary wildly on the amount of discharge, but in general, clear to amber colored odor-less discharge in late pregnancy is completely a-okay. It certainly doesn't look like anything I would worry about at this point.
How is she behaving?..anything abnormal?
SalteyLove, that's such a relief, I'm glad that it can be normal.

happybleats, she's been a little vocal lately, that's about it though. It's so weird though, she's the quietest one of my herd, but she's been bleating all day. Every time I walk outside she just instantly yells and runs towards the gate.
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