went down in Hind legs

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    Feb 21, 2011
    Hi everyone! I also have two kids that are 3 months old that went down in their hindlegs. They went down on the 12th. and 13th. of this month. They are not siblings. They have had all their shots,are provided with a mineral block,are on pasture with a grain supplement fed once in the morning.I have treated for selenium deficiency/vitamin E,vitamin D. I am worried about CAE as my herd has never been tested for it. Everyone keeps talking about stiff hindlegs. What I am seeing is the hindlegs go out from under them and they start dragging themselves along with their front legs. They seem alert,bright eyed and when I had them out on pasture they were still trying to graze. I am going crazy trying to figure this out! Please give me any ideas you can think of or let me know if you have had this problem and what the out come was. Thanks
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    Sounds like a neurologic issue...can sometimes be an affect of CAE...the encephalitis part of the disease or possibly meningeal worm..or "deer worm". It is spread by deer that habitat the area the goats are in, if you have no deer that frequent their pasture, then I'm leaning towards encephalitis.

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    I'm off to learn more about encephalitis now. If a goat eats something toxic, would it act this way?
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    Jan 15, 2011
    It sounds like it could be meningeal worm. I would give them Safeguard at 3 times the label dosage. If you catch menigeal worm quickly you may be able to stave it off but it must be done QUICKLY! Since they went down on the 12th it may be too late but the dose of Safeguard won't hurt and it might help. Safeguard is about useless against most worms but for some reason works for these.
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    Oct 16, 2007
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    I had something simliar happen to my 8 month old whether in Dec. ( don't know where old post may be?) With him it was very sudden!! He was fine 1 minute and a few minutes later he was bawling. Treated him at first with thiamine thinking polio. He was kinda dragging his hind legs then would walk by kind of pushing with them. I was baffled as was everyone else. Wormed him, gave vit b and a few days of the thiamine. He is still a little weaker in the hind end then a normal goat but he never went off feed or acted off. He can run and play but notice when he gets tired it gets a little worse. So I can't really offer alot of advice. And if it is menigial worm yes worm right away and after that make sure they get wormed on a regular basis- even though that is not the norm these days. Vet is pretty sure that my llama has it- and told us to keep him wormed so it doesn't happen again.Good luck
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    Ivermectin is used to treat for meningeal worm...safeguard won't touch it. High doses of ivermectin is what my vet told me when it was suspect with my doeling.
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    Could possibly be white muscle disease. Have they been vaccinated against it?
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    Dec 25, 2010
    Quoted from Langston University.

    In an older goat I might suspect meningeal worm, like Jodie, and we have recently seen the effects of this type of parasite attack to one of our friends does. But these goat seem too young to me to have had time to be exposed to the snails, which they then eat , and then the parasite develops inside the goat; the goat eats the snail durring a wet period and then the parasite once ingested transforms into the larva then migrates to the brain. I don't know for sure If the doe was infected If then she would be able to pass some form of the larva to the kid. Unfortunately there is no "Absolutely Conclusive" medical test to prove or disprove either of the above "disorders" at least not while the goat is still alive.
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    Oct 16, 2007
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    IF it were mengial worm liz is correct on the ivermectin, thats what we were told to use. But seeing as they are only 3 months(correct) it is a slim chance its that. I was told there are 2 main times that you will see it- I may be wrong but I think 1 was jan feb and the other aug sept. This is due to the migrating and all. If I remember vet said it's a few months from ingestion until symptons. I know with my llama it was Dec of 2009 he was diagnosed( because he is still alive we dont' have a 100% diag. Just what vet suspected by ruling everything else out. And my whether also showed his symptons right at end of this dec. I know none of this probably helped. Just some info