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West Virginia

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Just wondering if there are any WV goat people on here, we'll be relocating to WV soon, and was just wanting to chat about goat issues with you, and about WV. ect.
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I am.

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I was until Thanksgiving, then we moved just across the border into VA... :). My husband still works in WV, though, if that counts. ;)
Sure it does. Someone's here.

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Sorry for the delay,
was just wondering if lime desease or west nile was a issue there or even the mingle worm I know the deer population is heavy., or if snakes were a problem? will probly be moving in 2 months, and was wondering if I should vacc. for lime, and is the tick load heavey.Sorry for questions just wanted to prepare goats and dogs.
Definitely ticks and Meningeal Worm can be a problem.
We haven't ever had any trouble with meningeal worm or west Nile. Ticks are heavy, but I've only ever seen one on one of my goats. The dogs and barn cats are on once a month preventative from the vet, and that really helps. When we had a flock of guineas, I never saw a single tick. But the guineas were picked off by a bobcat... The snakes are out there, but they don't bother me and I don't bother them. I'd rather have them around than rodents... We don't have many species of venomous snakes here. In eight years, we saw a copperhead once. We mostly have black snakes and racers. Those, I can handle...
another question, when talking to realtors, they will say bottom land like add will say hills side meadows fields and bottom lands not sure what bottom lands mean, I am thinking wet land and some places look like a mobile home an when i ask they will say it's a stick home what is meant by stick home? and just another question, I do dog grooming, kenneling, training, but the places I am interested in are secluded, will people travel out to those type of areas, realtor says people are use to going out of there way if they service is good, I know where I am at know most of my clients are in same neighbor hood, people don't really like traveling here,
Okay, the difference between a mobile home and a stick built home is where it was put together. Mobile homes are brought in already together or in two or three pieces. Stick homes are built on the site.
Bottom land is just what it sounds like - low, level land that runs along a water source. As long as it doesn't flood too badly, bottom land is okay for gardens and acreage. Just check the flood maps. And I'm not sure I'd want my house on a piece of bottom land unless the house was built on a slight hill.
As far as the driving, yes, people are used to driving to get what they want here. It's usually quite a distance just to get to the nearest store unless you're in the town limits. That's just a normal part of living in the country (and on winding, country roads).
Hope that helps!
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