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Wether better after M Worm treatment

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Thanks so much to everyone on The Goat Spot. My wether took ill about a week and a half ago. He was having trouble standing and walking very far. At first I thought he had injured his leg, but the more I read on The Goat Spot, the more I thought about Menigeal Deer worm. I treated him just as many thread suggested with Ivomec and Safeguard and he's doing so much better. He's back to getting up on his own and running around again. I can't tell you how happy I am when I go out in the morning and he's standing up to greet me. I'm new to goats and illness can be scary. You've all been very helpful. Thanks again.;)
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Awesome News!!!! Good job on being on top of that...with MW the sooner you grab it the better the recovery!!
That is great! Glad you were able to find the right info and treat him.
Wonderful news! It is scary when you know they need help but aren't totally positive what you should do, I'm glad you found the info needed to help your boy :)
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