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Wether weight?

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I've been looking all around the site and the internet and can't seem to find any info on how much wethers should weigh. Do they generally weigh less than an intact buck? I have a 10 month old Oberhasli wether who is almost exactly 100lbs. I mostly want to make sure this is an appropriate weight and am kind of curious as to how much bigger he'll get.
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Sounds like a good weight. For the most part they don't get as big as bucks. ADGA website should have all the details on that stuff.
That sounds like a good weight for him. What are you feeding and supplementing him?
how big is he?
He gets free choice grass hay along with a few hours worth of browse each day, and about 2 cups of nutrena TopGoat grain with a top dressing of powdered vitamins/minerals for goats I got from the vet. I'm not sure how tall he is, I will have to measure that. I'm terrible at estimating distances lol.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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