wethers and hormones"

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    So my 3 boys are acting like bucks and one has loss all his hair! I am having to coat him and this morning brought him in to warm him up because he was shivering......anyway, can wethers have seasonal hormone issues.....they are running around wagging their tongues at each other and my one that's the bully of the 3 is just being nasty to the little one that has loss his hair and doesn't need any stress!

    Just wondering!

    On another note, I was so concerned over my little guy that I called Hoeggers this morning and spoke with Anne Hoegger on the help line and she is such a sweetie and so helpful, she to agreed with me that most vets know nothing about goats! I know that we are dealing with mites, which by the way Mrs Hoegger told me that mites are always there....it is when the immune system fails and then mites are allowed to take over just like worms, now why his is low I don't know. I just want to give her a shout out, she is so nice!
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    Yes they can! I know my Benny has been trying to act like a big shot with the ladies recently...of course they are all pregnant and not the slightest bit interested in him...but that does not stop him from trying! LOL :)

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    The weird weather... is messing with the shedding issues....when it is spring like for a while ...it triggers the hair to shed.....I don't like the idea of the weather going back to really cold and they have no hair.....glad you are putting a sweater on him..... :thumb:
    Of course mites... Lice ect can trigger hair loss and well as deficiency...

    How long have they been wethers?

    I have had Does do the tongue flapping thing too.... and mounting... but this was before they where bred... :doh:
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    Jan 2, 2011
    my boys still act like bucks around each other some time and that is without and does around and having been wethered for 4 years (since birth) My vet said that you should be able to feel if any organs didn't get 'got' and that it would be pretty noticeable. It might well just be dominance mightn't it? :)