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Wham bam no thank you?

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Okay, so up until this year we have taken our two does to a breeder to stay for a week and visit the buck. I'd get updates and come get them when they were ready. The breeder would tell me when they were starting to show interest in the guy, when for a couple days she'd see them hanging out and being "lovey-dovey", and when they started to ignore eachother...this is how it went.

This year with 4 does, I decided to buy a buck and share him with our sister herd and her 5 does. The first time we picked up our buck and brought him back to our spare pen the night before a show, we weren't ready to breed yet, but the girls kept licking his nose through the fence and pacing up and down by his pen. They were all in heat like instantly, yelling for 2-3 days after. This week we did the same thing, took him to a show. When we got home he spent another night in the spare pen and 2 of my girls were pacing and calling too him. My wether was going NUTS with jealously, crying and HOWLING and pushing the girls away from the fence.

I decided to go ahead and breed these two. one is 2 years old and we've not been able to breed her, so we put her in. She stood for the buck. The third attempt looked good, he threw his head back, she hunched...then next time he pawed at her she ignored him...which progressed to running from him and yelling. So, we took her out of the pen.

I then put my "hussy" in with, she makes the most fuss about being in heat. Same storey, third attempt looked good, and then she turned and started beating up the buck, ramming him over and over, until he went to a corner and shook his head. So we took her out of the pen. I really wanted to see a couple good attempts so we tried to put them back in later, but they threwa huge fit...

I know breeding only takes a second, but this is new to us...I thought they'd hang out for at least a few hours or ignore eachother when done...not go on the offensive and flip out. Is this strange to anyone else? What have your breeding experiences been. I mean...if their preggo tests come back positive in a month I will be glad for sure...but it just seemed odd that they'd stand for him only one time. Maybe he's just "efficient"
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I have two does who seem to know instantly that they're pregnant and have no further use for this boorish, smelly boy pawing at them. They do the same thing, act like total hussies and then immediately want the buck gone.
I'm still somewhat new to breeding, but I can share what i've noticed.

Breeding will only take a second and some time the doe will stand around with the buck afterwards and let him breed a couple more times or just flirt with her but eventually she may get tired of it and want to leave. I had that happen to my doe yesterday. He bred her a few times and then right after the last time she ran over to the gate and started pawing to leave. She wouldn't stand for him either once she decided she had enough.
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