What am I missing? A little long.

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    I’ve got a 2 ½ yr old Boer doe that I ended up with due to a friend needing to get rid of them quick. I’ve had her for three weeks. She’s very skinny with little muscle. She’s had two hoof trims since she’s been here and I’ve been gradually switching her over from the Wallmart brand grain she was on to Nutrina (One cup two times a day and good brome hay and Sweetlix loose min.). She’s had one kid in her first year. She was with a Buck when I got them both so she’s probably pregnant. I’ll be giving her a bose injection soon.

    Last night I saw a small amount of foam around mouth. Checked inside her mouth and didn’t feel anything weird.
    This morning she wanted grain, ran to it but when she got to it she just looked at it. (not normal) Hubby and I held her, did a neck massage and a thorough investigation of the mouth. (Dang those teeth are sharp!) Nothing.
    Tonight she was holding onto a handful of slobbery hay in her mouth.
    I pulled it out, did another inspection of her mouth and found nothing. No foam. I put some of our more finer hay out and sat and watched her for a long long time, she went after it but not like the buck. He was eating/chewing twice as fast as her but I watched her eat enough that I thought there was no way she could have gotten all that down if she was stopped up in her throat.
    Her sides are “deflated” I guess you could say. They are usually equally large with lots of rumen noises so I know she’s recently not been eating like she has been the last three weeks.
    I'm close to having her tested for CAE. I would be very surprised if she didn’t have it.
    I’m missing something. I feel like I need to start from scratch…temp, breath rate and heart rate. Sounds silly but I often overlook the obvious.
    Digestive system (Mouth, Esophagus) but what other than choking makes a goat hold a mass of hay in her mouth like that and foam slightly? Deficient in some mineral? Would selenium deficiency make it hard for a goat to eat somehow? She acts like she has arthritis but her joints aren’t swollen. Maybe she's sore from trimming her hooves? Maybe CAE? Would CAE make it hard for a goat to eat? :scratch:
    Sorry for the long rambling. My inexperience makes me feel like there’s something, probably lots of things I’m missing and its driving me crazy!
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    Massage her throat, probiotics, temp..

    I'd also give copper and bo-se if u can find some.


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    Dec 25, 2010
    If she hasn't had ,or you are not sure if when she has had, a cd/t vacination, I would give her an initial shot then booster it, as directed, by your specific brand of vacine. It won't hurt the kid, if she is pregenant, actually a good idea anyway 6-8 weeks prior to kidding. Might be a tetnaus/entero/clostridium issue and your cd/t may clear that right up. I might also back off the grain and give her all she wants of a good grassy hay for awhile....yeah BoSe would be good and a probiotic product.
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    Its probably NOT this... but. The oldmangoat I took over and was taking care of was doing the foaming at the mouth thing. He would drink like a camel, but wouldn't eat. He would just stare at it. And he had stiff limbs and terrible feet, and just...bad all over. He ended up having Listeriosis...which is a bacteria that gets into the brain and causes lesions. He wasn't showing any signs of it until the foaming and stiffness...then the next day he was down and head cranked around to the side in classic Listeriosis posture.

    Like I said...your gal probably DOESN"T have it. But just putting out what I experienced.

    Listeriosis comes from ingesting something rotted, generally vegetation, that has the bacterium on it. And in wintertime its worse (it LIKES the cold). Most goats resist it because their immune systems are up to par (there were two young'ins in with him that were just dandy. But he was run down and old as the hills, so apparently it just took off in him like wildfire.

    Heres hoping she just has a bellyache!! >.<
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    Feb 26, 2010
    Fairbanks, AK
    Thank you guys. I really appreciate your replys and am going to take your advice...gave probios and cdt this morning. When hubby gets back home I will give Bo-Se injection. Don’t have any copper but I'll try to find some today. @Alli, thanks for the infor on Listeriosis. I will do a little more research on that, very interesting.

    One more question...I know pain makes a goat grind there teeth...would it make them hold hay in there mouth for a long time, kind of like sucking on it? Her joints are in rough shape and she holds a couple feet up (not due to the snow). If she is doing it because she's in pain, do you know of any pain relief I can give her.