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What are the chances

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I bought a Nubian buck over summer he will be 6 months old end of January what are the chances he would be fertile to breed my doe?
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Very good chance. My first buck started breeding at 6 months old.....actually my new little guy bred 2 does on his great escape at 5 months ;)......kinda excited since I wasn't gonna use him till next breeding :D
Oh good!! I hate for my Nubian to not get bred! I was thinking of breeding her with a different buck but I really want registered Nubian kids
He should be plenty fertile. My buck was 5 months old when he covered my herd of does. All settled on the first breeding. Last year I had a 8 month old buck, all settled :)
Bucks are normally fertile at 3 months, so any older than that should be good.
Yep, he will be able. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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