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goathappy said:
At any beauty supply store, you can buy lube in a can, Oster sells a 3 in 1 lube, cleaner and coolant. We brush hair off every 3 minutes, spray the lube on every 3 minutes and put oil on every 3 minutes. When we are totally done with all the goats, we run the clippers in diesel to get all the sand, dirt and hair off of the blades and it really helps them stay nice.
That is something good to know! I am glad you posted that. My clippers get so dull clipping dogs and goats...I need a good pair but all I can afford are the cheap ones. I have Oster clippers that are really old and they barely work anymore, I have whal pet clippers and they need sharpened and then I have Whal show Pro and they need sharpened. My cousin and I are going to invest in some really good ones and keep these others for little jobs.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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