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I use the Oster A5. I use a #10 on the body and a #30 for udders 'n ears. I use both the Blade Wash and the Cool Lube while I'm clipping the goat and then when I'm done for the day I run them in the Blade Wash, brush it out, take the blade off, and oil it. I use the same blades all year. I usually just get a new 10 and a new 30 every spring from a pet supply catalog. I do like the Titanium blades better than the cheaper ones as I think they do a better job.

Also, Jeremy has his own #10 that he keeps in the house and he gives himself a haircut with the same clippers. (I am very fastidious about cleaning my clippers :D ) Same clippers- different blade. I have dropped them on the concrete floor and they have survived being boxed up and tossed around through 2 different moves. I highly recommend 'em.

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