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i use an oster A5 works great on small pets too, this is what we used when i worked in the dog grooming shop (we did cats too) they work great. You can get wide blades to make a little bit wider cut. I use a 7 on the body and a ten 10 below the knees and hocks. A 40 in ears and on the udder then i use bic razors on the udder.
AS for cleaning i use blade wash every three to four minutes. I don't use cool lube as it gums up the blade. If you wash the animal before you clip them that keeps your clipper blades sharper longer, they don;t have to fight through the grease and dirt. i make a bucket of warm water and shampoo and dump about a cap full of dawn dish soap in the bucket, then i actually use a loofa on the goats, this gets a good lather and deep down to the skin. The dish soap cuts the grease really well.
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