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What company do you use for testing?

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It is time to CAE test again and I have decided to go ahead and Johnes test as well. I have always used BioTracking, but they do not do the Johnes. So who do you use and how accurate are they?
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Waddl Does it all...and are highly reliable
I am getting ready to do some testing myself, but I noticed their forms ask a lot of information about the vet. Do they end up sending the results to the vet instead of the owner? I just ask because while I adore my vet. They wanted to charge me $250 to test for CAE/CL on ONE animal!
Has anyone used the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission Lab? I just found them on the Johnes Information center site and they are one of the approved testing centers. They do CAE and Johne's
Our vet sent it to Davis last year.

We are going to try to save some time and $$ and do it ourself this year. Where do you guys get your vacutainer syringes?
We send all of our CAE samples to BioTracking and then THEY will shuttle them over to WADDL for the additional CL & Johne's testing. I've worked it out and it's cheaper that way for us.

BioTracking charges $10 to shuttle the samples over but it's cheaper and easier then drawing blood twice, using twice the tubes and paying twice the shipping. 3cc of blood is enough to run all 3 tests.

Just include the extra $10 in your balance to BioTracking with a note asking them to shuttle the samples over once they have done the CAE test.

No, you do not need your vet to send over the samples to WADDL.
You only Need to fill out 2 forums.
1.) General WADDL Accession Form
2.) Identification Form for Multiple Animals

If your sending your samples to BioTracking make sure to fill out and include the WADDL forms too.

I usually enclose a check to BioTracking for their CAE testing and then wait for WADDL to bill me.

You can find WADDL fees here:
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Just a quick question , I know this is a old thread but I wanted to send my CAE test to biotracking. But when I ask them if they will send the blood to other labs she act like they didn't do that I would have to pick one of their other labs to send the blood to. Do you send it to the one In Id. are do you send somewhere else. I think this would be the easy way for me but just want to get it right. Thanks
The easiest way is the simplest... just send the tubes to WADDL, CAE, CL, JOHNNES and Brucellous testing are done there. Trying to save a few bucks by using different labs for different tests just isn't worth the headache :)
Check with your state lab. There are some states that the state labs will do testing free of charge for local residents. or Panamerican vet lab seems to do the 'big 3' plus you can buy extra tests for very cheap...$4/5 I think. Anybody use them? They seem cheaper than WADDL....
Pavlab its cheaper but less reliable. Its one of those situations that you're getting what you pay for. They are notorious for false results
waddl does both test and are the most reliable you dont have to fill out the vet info just your info. you can get the tubes from jeffers or even your vet for alot less than you would pay the vet for the test. waddl charges $22 for cl, cae, and johnes. they call it the biosecurity screening.
Then the assay fee; is that per animal on top of the screening fee, or per 'client'?
Also didn't see preg on there; mind you I'm looking at everything on a teeny iphone with less than perfect eyes...
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