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I'm new to goats, I got my first 2 from a dairy Farmer he had does that kidded early and allowed me to have 2 males. I bottle fed these 5 day old babies(they were feed cows milk from the store vitamin D, this is what was given to them when I got them) they were my joy. 10 weeks later one died through the night the next a week later... No symptoms just dead in the night...

I had these babies living in a large dog kennel from 5 days old to 8 weeks old at 7 weeks I took them to be banded, and I started weening them one less bottle a day .. they were going outside with me every time the weather permitting we have snow storms. They went outside more and more at the week goes on and I keep lessening milk and increasing hay and forage ... By almost 9 weeks input them outside with my chickens because they have a big coop and the goats for right in. I pick a day and out they go.. first night went great they seemed fine... Day 2b one of them died... 10 weeks old , so devastated I put up the kennel in the garage and spoil the remaining weather. He seems so happy and normal I watch daily everything seemed fine. Normal Stewart, but a week later he passed as well... What could I have done better.
I could use some goat friends.

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Wow, that was a lot of change all at once.
Coming from a dairy I would guess they were full sized goats? They really need milk much longer than 8 weeks and if you are going to wean them they need quality protein to take the place of milk. A good goat grower or foal concentrated food.

Changes must be made slowly and one at a time. There are many things that stress can cause.

For what might have killed them?
Silent Pneumonia
Chicken food poisoning
Air quality from chicken dust
Impaction from trying to get enough protein from hay/over stuffing themselves.
Hadn't learned to drink water yet~ this is common with bottle kids who have no adults to copy.
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