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    Wow, what a weekend we had. First of all it was beautiful weather, in the 50's. GREAT, we can get some things done that have so been neglected because of the freezing weather.

    Ok, we are cleaning things up, getting things ready to have more hay delivered, and I have people coming over to see babies to purchase them.
    We were out with the people for several hours just talking about the wonderful world of goats. They came in and we went over the cashmere ans all. (Great ladies, and I told them about this wonderful sire so hopefully we see them soon).

    Ok, they have to leave ans so did I because I wanted to to see a friends daughter play basketball, but I was a little worried because I new Diva was in labor and it was not going to be that long.

    Ok we head off tot he game, (great game). We get home and I thought I better go check on Diva. Yep she has one that was all cleaned up and walking around a bit. She lays down and just barely does a little baaa, and out comes another one. I told my daughter that the other one was born. Her words were "Diva you are my hero. You can have babies and not yell, I want to be just like you". She was with me when Monica kidded and she yelled so loud and boy did she hurt, she was also the one that tore a little.

    Ok, mom does a great job, we get her in a stall after my daughter gets it all cleaned out and ready for the her. Fresh straw, water, Molasses water, grain and ok she is ready. We decide to goa ahead and do some hoof trimming being it has been way to long ago that we did it. Got most of them all done. All the mom's at least.

    Ok we go into town and meet up with some friends to have dinner. We were talking about , Goats of course. Her doe was bred to my buck. We really did not have a date, but we thought we had a week to two.. Ok, they get home and she calls me "LORI, COME QUICK, SNOWBALL HAD TWINS AND ONE IS ALMOST DEAD". OH CRUMB.

    It is 9:30 at night and I jump in the truck along with the med kit, and my daughter. We live a little ways away, but I tell you when it comes to baby goats dieing, I can fly. We got tot he barn and well, we thought "it was to late", She was really not even breathing anymore. My daughter looked at me and said "mom, you have to save her, it is Taylors first kidding and she will be devastated" ok, the pressure is not on alt all.

    I grab the baby and i ran to the house. We put lots of towels in the dryer, an got them good and hot, and wrapped that little girl in them and put her on the heater vent. Ok, Now what. She had no heating pad, so we put some rice in a sock, put that in the Microwave and heated it for 2 minutes. WOW, does that get hot. I put that on one of the towels. We rubbed that little girl and talked to her and just prayed we could do it. I told my daughter it did not look good at all, so you need to talk to Taylor about how sometimes we just can not save them all.
    Ok ,she is looking a little better. Lets get her temp. WHAT no thermometer. I have told them all to ALWAYS have one. ok grab mine. WHAT it is not in there, it is in the other med kit. Ok, someone went and got one of the old mercury ones.

    She was looking better, I did the mixture of Coffee, Whiskey, and I used Molasses. She was wanting to nurse so bad. :cool: :stars: We made a coat for her out of one of Taylors old sweatshirts, and took her to mom. She nursed really well for about 4 minutes. Neither one is standing very well, but they will in time. Ok, I get home and crawl in bed at 3:30 AM.

    Sunday ( I will make this short), I was trimming hoofs, and one of the girls kicked and I cut he sole of her heal off. :mecry: :GAAH: It was spraying blood every where. If you would of walked in the barn you would of thought I butchered a goat with that much blood everywhere. Got her all taped up and it finally clotted after about 20 minutes.

    WOW am I tired.
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    :GAAH: man what a weekend. Bless your heart.

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    Why such a relaxing weekend that it was almost a vacation..............
    The trouble with goats is they don't often need you but when they do, they need you now. Hope all the trauma cases are OK.
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    Wow busy bee!!! Congrats on the babies and I hope the sore foot girl is ok soon. Goodness!