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What disbudder is best?

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Need to purchase a disbudder for Nubians. What one would be best and what size? I see there are different sizes. I guess some are for minis and some are for calves. I don't want to burn any more skin than necessary. My doe is due in March but I want to be ready. Thanks.
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Rhinehart X30 or X50 works too. These are calf dehorners, but you can get them with tips. I'm not sure what size tip you would use for nubians. Probably the 1/2 inch. That's what I use for my nigerians. They have mini tips, but they aren't big enough for my kids.
I like my X30 for Nigerians and minis.
I have the x50 and the x30.

The x30 is built with the 9/16 (standard) inch tip, that cannot be removed.
The x50 is a calf size one, that you can attach several different size tips on. I use the 1/2 inch tip for kids, and take the tip of for calves.

Personally, I like the x50 the best, I've had it for about 20 years, and it still works great, it seems to get hotter, and do the job quicker than the x30.
Do the 1/2 inch tip anything smaller is too small for a Nubian. I use the 1/2 inch on my ND's and feel the smaller tip is TOO small to get a good disbudding. The x30 does come with a built in tip but you can get it with the 1/2" built in.
^^ How old are you disbudding your Nigerians?
I do mine at about a week but sometimes a bit older if I dont get around to it right away.
I like the x50, and when I ordered mine it came with several different tips; one was a special shape made specifically for bucklings, having as they do an elongated horn base. I believe it came free, but I don't recall where I got it: probably either Caprine Supply or Hoegger's.

Hey Kevin, how is that buck tip working out for you? Here the one we use is just round so have to do another half circle above it. Would be nice to cut that part out. Less pain for babies.
A friend of mine used it on a buck that needed a second disbudding. Worked great. No horn regrowth.
Dave, how long are you burning each bud? I use the round 1/2 inch tip on all my kids, and if I burn about 20-25 seconds per bud, with 5-6 second intervals, pop the caps off, burn over where the caps were for a few seconds, and quickly burn another 3 seconds, they don't grow horns or scurs. I've even waited until they were 3 weeks old to disbud them, just burn enough and nothing grows back! :)
I don't burn another circle, just disbud like you do doe kids, but a little longer.
My other half does the disbudding. I am a wuss :) I think she does a quick 10 count on each burn. 2 or 3 times before the caps come off. I dont know for sure cause as mentioned, I am a wuss and dont like to be in the barn when the babies are crying like that. Then another burn after the cap comes off. So more or less the same. And id say 90% of the time it works fine. But with the bucks, its a little bit more hit and miss. Thus the extra half circle burn. And its not always needed. Things like not getting a chance to do it at the perfect time or its not uncommon for our baby boys buds to be big enough at birth to be done. But we refuse to disbud that early. A week is pretty much our limit. Thus the buck tip would be nice to have. Though we would have to buy the entire unit. Ours is a fixed single tip one. Or we have the calf iron which we use more for burning trim jobs on our older breeding buck. He has some big scurs that we cut and burn ever year. We dont try to cut all the way down and burn at the skull. We leave a few inches. 3-5 minutes and we are done.
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Do your bloodlines have a lot of French influence? My kids with more french bloodlines need a bit longer burn, or they do get the loose scurs, but you (or her) can pop those off as they grow when they are kids, you only have to do it every few months.
The does fight enough that we dont have to touch what little scurs there are on them. Its just the bucks Im interested in. We get requests for dis budded pack prospects and I would just like to be assured that they leave here and dont develop scurs. Thus the additional half burn.
The buck tip is great as long as you get to it early. After a few weeks, their horn bases are even too big for it.
I use the Lenk 200. I had the Lenk 125? but the tip was too large and I'd get a scur coming up right thru the middle.

My favorite disbudding method is to do one bud, then tatoo one ear. Then do the other bud. Then tattoo the other ear. Then give each bud a second short 5 or 10 second burn.
How do you hold the "buck tip" compaired to the round one? I barrowed a disbudder and they sent me 2 one with a buck tip, the other with the circle tip. I have 1 buck and 1 doe that I will be disbudding. But I have no clue on how to use the buck tip, can only find youtube videos with out buck tips....ugh:sigh:
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