What do you feed your goats of different ages and genders?

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    Feb 7, 2008
    During a recent health situation with our Ober buckling, we learned that we were giving him food that was not suited for him. The Boer market goats at the school farm are being fed different diets from the dairy goats. The Ober was in with the Boers and he got sick eating the rich feed. He's now separated from them, but is just in the next pen so he can see and touch faces with them. He can't do what he was doing with them and their owners are so happy about that. Ahem. :oops:

    We have one Ober doe in milk, an Alpine doe with her two almost 2 1/2 month-old bucklings, and a weaned Ober doeling (whose age I don't know) together in a pasture. The Alpine boys will be pulled out for weaning probably next week. They should be away from the doeling now I realize, but the farm is pressed for space. They will probably be put it with the Ober buckling or in the pen on the other side of him so he doesn't get lonely.

    I'd been buying Purina Goat Chow and they'd all been eating that along with alfalfa hay. Now we know that grass hay is what the boys need to eat, not alfalfa. We've been told by the breeder where the goats were from that the boys don't even need grain. What else can they be fed if they not supposed to have grain? I can't find the regular Purina Goat Chow anywhere around here. The stores are carrying Purina's Noble Goat line of feed, but it's specialized for different needs.

    Just when we thought we were getting the hang of this whole goat thing, it got more complicated. :hair: All we want to do is what's best for them and now we don't know what that is. Bother. Any help would be so appreciated. :help:
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    bucks and wethers dotn need grain (unless in rutt). YOu can give them a little as treat but their hay is enough.

    I would also get a mineral that is for goats (purina has one) and see about getting some ammonium cloride to add to their minerals to reduce the chance of urinary stones. YOu can get AC from Hoeggars.com

    For milking does you want a feed that is 16% protein and feed them 1lb per 2-3lbs of milk (basically I feed my ND 2 cups twice a day adn my Oberhaslis got 1 coffee can or 4cups twice a day)

    I hope that helps some.

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    Personally, I feed my bucks the same grain as my does....18% sweet feed with pellets as well as crimped corn and oats in it. They all get the same mixed grass hay and the does also get alfalfa pellets. Now my boys just get a cup each once a day as well as loose minerals with ammonium chloride added.

    With the Ober buck, I don't think it was the grain itself being too rich so much as it was he was getting too much of it. Try just giving half a cup if you feel he needs it as it can get very costly when you buy different grain mixes to feed each animal.....a handful of dry oatmeal with some black oil sunflower seeds can be an option too especially if he thinks he needs the grain :wink:
  4. I have a mix put together at the mill for my goats and they all get fed the same amount. For possible issues with boys, ammonium chloride is added. However, my mix is also made for meat goats so it you have dairy it would need to be changed for your herd.
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    Our boys get Medicated Feed with Ammonium Chloride- 1 cup AM and PM
    Our does get a sweet feed mix that is 16% protein- alfalfa pellets- shredded beet pulp- and sunshine plus pellets

    All have free access to Sweet Lix Maker minerals.

    Kids (regardless of gender) up to a year get a 50/50 mix of Medicated and Sweet Feed also with Sunshine Plus Pellets- and a ration balancer
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    Feb 17, 2008
    Bucks get a feed with ammonium chloride in it and grass hay. I also mix in some beet pulp, oats and EZ pels as needed.

    Kids get medicated feed with sunshine pellets and ez pels.

    Milking does get 18% sweet feed with beet pulp, whole oats, sunshine pellets, Alfalfa pellets and EZ pels. It's a crazy mix but it seems to work. I feed whole oats because they are cheaper and since goats chew cud the oats do get broken open and digested. They don't need to be crimped. They also get a mixture of grass and alfalfa hay if alfalfa hay is available. I let them eat as much as they want on the milkstand.
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    I mix my own grain. I put each thing is a different bin and mix as i go. This way if someone needs a little bit different ration i can give it to them. My bucks do get a small amount of grain when they need copper. And baby bucks get a little as well. But i usually dont keep buck kids (or whethers) past the age of two months. They are sold for meat or pets by then. As for hay i feed a high quality orchard hay, alfalfa hay is crummy and too hard to get here anyways. So the does get free choice alfalfa pellets.
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    That's fascinating. I know you all are conscientious and your goaties are doing well. It looks like there are as many good and decent ways of keeping goats as there are goat keepers. I kind of figured that would be the case.

    Some of the items mentioned are new to me. What are sunshine pellets and EZ pels?

    Tomorrow morning we'll be on our way to a hay place east of town that carries meadow mix, timothy and winter forage hay in their grass selection. Our Tristan is still not sold on oat hay, so we're probably going to get meadow mix, depending on what it looks like. We'll be getting more wet COB and hopefully some kelp, as well as ammonium chloride for the guys. We do give them all some BOSS and keep minerals out for them.

    Thanks. I enjoy learning from you all. :stars:

  9. This is what my feed looks like and I pay 12.35 100lbs. I could not be luckier.

    The feed looks like this...

    500lbs Chipped corn
    350lbs Oat Pellets
    150lbs Soybean MEAL (Great for protein)
    100lbs Wet Molasses
    8lbs Salt (Double in the summer 16lbs)
    17lbs Calcium
    35lbs BOSS (Black Oil Sunflower Seeds) -- Needed in ALL goat feed for selenium. You will never see Floppy kid syndrome with this in your feed.
    Other reasons Boss is good,

    The BOSS is good for many things..
    1. The roughage they get off the shells
    2. The oils they get from them are good for the hair coats
    3. The proteins they get out of the entire seed/shell
    4. The Natural Selenium that they contain
    5. The added assistance of being a part of the natural worming process. (doesn't mean that they won't get worms, because they will, but research shows that they are good to help prevent worms).
    6. Added weight when weight is needed.

    50lbs Soybean Hulls (Great for Fiber)
    35lbs Goat Mineral (Which has the Copper needed in Goats)
    4lbs ammonium chloride (Very Important for farms with boys, this will keep from having the stones and urinary problems that can come with any feed) If you do not use this I would recommend Fast Track. Either one will work but I would choose one of the two.
    Vitamins A,D, and E (Very Important...)

    Again, if you have dairy goats the corn may be a little much. You don't have to use that much and could ask your very or nutritionist what would be best to change for dairy goats. But I know a mix very similar, I tweaked it for my heard to this, that is used on a Kiko herd and they are very healthy. And though they are a meat goat, they have a LOT of diary influence.
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    Jun 26, 2008
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    kings feed makes a goat ration that has added copper and other stuff.. all my goats love it!!

    my bucks get NO grain, unless they are in rut and breeding some does. they get 8 pounds of rye hay and 1 pound alfalfa bermuda pellets.( for 3 nigerians, and they're all big fatties!)

    my milkers, kids, and does with kids all get grain, kids getting about 3-4 ounces each per day, mom's with kids each get 1 pound, and milkers get a pound per quart they produce.

    everybody gets alfalfa bermuda pellets. 1/4 pound of pellets per kid ( either standard or small) milking minis get 1/2 a pound each and standards get 1 pound of pellets each( while in milk)

    dry does get pellets ( 1/4 pound for minis , 1/2 for standards)

    all does, kids, and milkers get alfalfa, standards get 5 pounds each, mini's get 2.5 each.

    i know.. MEGA complicated! but.. i'm a college kid with no job, everything is precise! i should be a pharmacist
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    Feb 17, 2008
    EZ pels and sunshine pellets are made by Blue Seal feeds. They are more of a supplement.